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Cover of Intellectuals and the American Presidency

Intellectuals and the American Presidency
Philosophers, Jesters, or Technicians?

by Tevi Troy
Rowman & Littlefield, 2002. 280 pp. $27.95
May 25, 2002

Reviews: Jason Bertsch, The Public Interest  •  John J. Pitney, Jr., Claremont Review of Books  •  Matthew Robinson, The Claremont Review  •  James Nuechterlein, Commentary  •  Lee Bockhorn, The Wall Street Journal  •  Roger Fontaine, The Washington Times  •  David Skinner, The Weekly Standard  •  Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post

Intellectuals and the American Presidency examines the complex relationships between Presidents and America's intellectuals since 1960. From Arthur Schlesinger's work in John Kennedy's campaign and administration to Daniel Patrick Moynihan's role as the Democrat in the Nixon White House, through Sidney Blumenthal's efforts to secure intellectual support for a scandal-plagued Bill Clinton, every president since 1960 has had to address the question of intellectual support. Using both popular sources and some never before used archived material, Intellectuals and the American Presidency looks at the advisers who served as liaisons to the academic community, the presidents' views of those intellectuals and how they fit in with the presidents' plans. In this bipartisan study, political insider Tevi Troy analyzes how American presidents have used intellectuals to shape their images and advance their agendas.

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