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Biden's legacy is on the line

September 16, 2021  •  The Washington Examiner

First-term mistakes are common for presidents. For some, those mistakes define their legacy, while others' errors cling to the historical record as a footnote. President Joe Biden and his advisers reportedly believe their Afghanistan mess will fade from public memory, but that is a gamble.

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Presidents and the Age Question

September 7, 2021  •  Discourse

President Biden's strange and somewhat disconnected performance in the wake of the disaster in Afghanistan has once again raised questions about his age. He is both the oldest president elected as well as the oldest person to serve as president. Even his partisans acknowledge—gingerly, to be sure—that he "has lost some speed off of his fastball," or some kind of similar circumlocution. But while Biden at 78 is indeed the oldest president, he is far from the first to face the age question.

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Should've Kept Those Jews

Summer 2021  •  City Journal

According to just-released FBI statistics, hate crimes in 2020 reached their highest level in 12 years. Of religion-based hate crimes, 57.5 percent of them were targeted at Jews, who only make up 2 percent of the U.S. population. These figures, along with disturbing attacks this summer on Jews by anti-Semitic thugs in New York, Florida, California, and other places, have rattled many American Jews. Though American Jews have long been comfortable in America, the sad history of world Jewry suggests that no home for the Jews can be considered permanent. Yet, as the countries that have expelled Jews or encouraged them to leave have learned, things usually got worse, not better, after Jewish populations departed.

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What History Tells Us About Trump's Reelection Chances
Only one ex-President has run again and won.

September 2021  •  Washingtonian

Will Donald Trump run for the White House again in 2024? The possibility looks likely to roil Washington over the next few years—complicating life for other Republican hopefuls and creating a confounding set of challenges for the GOP's political-operative class.

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review of The Last Days of New York: A Reporter's True Tale

August 26, 2021  •  National Review

From 1993 to 2013, New York City underwent a startling transformation — one that defied expectations and redefined what good public policy could achieve. The streets became safer, the city cleaner. Businesses returned, tourists flocked to visit, real-estate prices skyrocketed, and New York became a glittering symbol of promise and potential to millions. Brooklyn, in particular, became the hippest part of America's greatest city — helping spread change far beyond the five boroughs.

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