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A New Law That Actually Plans to Waste 50 Percent of Overall Spending

August 2, 2016  •  Observer

A critically important—but little known—law will shape the presidency of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, even before they enter the Oval Office.

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What Are the Best Books to Catch Up on This Summer?

July 22, 2016  •  National Review Online

Summer is a great time for reading, but then again, so is the rest of the year. One of my recent favorite recent books was Karl Rove's Triumph of William McKinley, which closes with a compelling analysis of how the 19th-century president's experience in politics is relevant even today. Also relevant for recent events is Operation Thunderbolt, by Saul David, which tells the story of Israel's 1976 raid on the hijackers holed up at Uganda's Entebbe airport. The book includes all sorts of good information that I did not get from late 1970s TV movies such as Raid on Entebbe: Yoni Netanyahu, the raid's leader and only Israeli soldier to die on the raid, was a fan of the Mission Impossible TV show; U.N. Secretary General — and former Wermacht solder — Kurt Waldheim condemned the raid as "a serious violation of the national sovereignty of a United Nations member state"; and the hijacked Air France plane lingered on the tarmac at Entebbe, deteriorating, for decades after the raid.

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How technology is changing political conventions

July 17, 2016  •  The Washington Post

Political conventions were born because of technological limitations. They have been changing ever since as technology has evolved. Initially, and for much of our history, these changes have transpired in a way that favored leading candidates and party leaders; now, and increasingly in the years to come, they may empower underdogs and grass-roots activists.

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The Evolution of Party Conventions

Summer 2016  •  National Affairs

Earlier this year, it seemed like this summer might be the most exciting political-convention season in decades. Reality-television celebrity and real-estate magnate Donald Trump was up against the strongest Republican bench in a generation, and for several months during the primary race, everyone was talking about the possibility of an open GOP convention.

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review of First Dads: Parenting and Politics from George Washington to Barack Obama

July 4, 2016  •  The Weekly Standard

Vice President Henry Wallace once observed of his boss, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, "He doesn't know any man and no man knows him. Even his own family doesn't know anything about him." It's not surprising that Wallace would think ill of a man who dumped him from the ticket while seeking a fourth term—a move that enabled Harry Truman, rather than Wallace, to ascend to the presidency. But given Roosevelt's relationship with his own children, Wallace's comment was probably a product of insight, not just bitterness.

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