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History Is Clear: It's Discipline That Wins Presidential Races

November 20, 2015  •  Observer

As Thanksgiving approaches, it remains unclear who will emerge as the GOP presidential nominee. The standard methods of prognosticating have come up short in this year's muddled primary field. But there may be another way to sort through the candidates and predict the eventual winner. In politics, the most disciplined candidate typically wins. As Ronald Reagan's one-time campaign manager John Sears put it, "Discipline is nine-tenths of politics."

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Congressional hearings aren't what they used to be. Here's how to make them better.

October 21, 2015  •  The Washington Post

When Hillary Clinton appears Thursday before the House committee investigating an attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, the hearings will be the biggest show in town. Her testimony will grab domestic headlines and likely make news around the world, as well. But the platform for this upcoming discussion — the congressional hearing — will be a venue whose best days may have come in the past. Hearings once had extraordinary influence, especially in the years after World War II. In today's era of bitter partisanship and an ever-more fragmented media environment, hearings have lost their luster, and we need to revise their role in public debates in order to make them relevant again.

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The 'Cadillac Tax' Makes Everyone Sick

October 12, 2015  •  The Wall Street Journal

In apparent recognition of the distinct unpopularity of the Affordable Care Act's Cadillac tax—an excise tax on high-value, employer-provided health benefits—more than 100 economists have signed a letter defending it. As the Washington Post headline about the letter read: "101 Economists Just Signed a Love Letter to the Obamacare Provision Everyone Else Hates."

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Obama's Media Precedents Will Shape the 2016 Race

October 5, 2015  •  New York Observer

Hillary Clinton is a serious person, a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. Yet to advance her campaign, she went on Saturday Night Live this weekend, where she dressed as a barkeep, imitated Donald Trump, and mocked her own policy flip flops. Hillary is not the only 2016 candidate to try to humanize herself on a comedy show. Former CEO Carly Fiorina recently paid a visit to comedian Jimmy Fallon's late night show, where she sang a song she made up for her dog, Snickers: "My name's Snick, and I'm lazy, please don't take a walk with me . . ." Her visit and song are indicative of the increasingly frequent use of pop culture platforms to advance presidential aspirations. Besides the two ladies in the race, Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Ted Cruz, among others, have each hit one, if not more, of the late night shows. Undeclared potential candidate Joe Biden has as well.

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Reclaiming the Congressional Hearing

Fall 2015  •  National Affairs

In the 2014 elections, the Republicans won control of Congress for the first time since 2006. Thus far, they have not passed many laws to show for it. Despite great promise and fanfare, the GOP Congress quickly found itself tangled up on questions like whether to fund the Department of Homeland Security, which showed that the Democratic minority would have the ability to block most of the new majority's legislative initiatives. When Keystone XL Pipeline legislation did make it past the Senate Democrats, it was quickly squelched by a presidential veto, highlighting the apparent impotence of the GOP majority.

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